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May 12th, 2010

02:07 am: Dorcus shimmied and shaked and danced about the kitchen as Anabel sat wiggling happily in her high-chair watching her mum, and Byron, home from Miss Molly's was in the den playing with his action figures--fully intent on raiding and then demolishing Darth Vader's forces who were now hold up in a wooden block fortress of the little boy's making.

With the Wireless turned up, having been moved to the dining room so as not to blast Byron's ears as the witch liked to crank it up and dance about more often than none while she wiggled about to the beat while fixing dinner. Dorcus did just that, waiting for Sirius to arrive home. His days of taking the motorbike to work were quickly coming to an end with the approach of winter and its storms, but today was a good day, so he rode in.

Busy with a spell to chop onions, while the witch hand chopped carrots at another chopping block, and shimmied, Dorcus hummed along, every now and then turning back to Anabel and dancing the little girl's way as she put the cut ingredients into the big stew pot for soup. "Dadddddyyy be home soooon," she sang to the little girl who bounced on her padded behind and giggled and chattered furiously happy, for she knew well what her mother said as the toddler glanced to the back door for her father's arrival.

Hearing the roar of the motorbike come up the street, Dorcus grinned, how even that could drown out her music. "Daddy home..." she sing-songed, Anabel clapping her hands.

Moments later, Sirius came blustering through the door, the weather turning a bit nippy in the late afternoon. "Say hello to your baby before she has a tizzy," the witch encouraged him, even before her lover could take off his leather jacket and get fully inside the house.

Still shaking her backside to the music, Dorcus went to the stove to taste her soup, then with a tilt of her head, she picked up the hot sauce and added a dash--then another. But before leaving her pot, she flicked her wand to have the ladel continually swirl it about the pot.

"Oh, got a note from Dumbledore today," she offered, glancing over her shoulder to Sirius as he walked into the kitchen. "Over there, on the table," she nodded, then went back to her cooking and shimmying.

She grinned to herself. "He told me I was gifted," Dorcus teased. "Well, had a gifted talent that must be put to good use soon," she corrected happily. "Wonder what it is I'm gifted at, huh?" she giggled with a slight shrug.

"Oh..he said something nice about you too...your talent too...but I can't remember exactly what he implied by that...intimidation, intuition, can win a fight...something along those lines," she shook her hips to the music as she walked towards Sirius and gave him a bus to the cheek. "Whatever it was, kinda implied you keep me out of trouble and have my back, and I use my smarts and keep you grounded--or something..."

She nodded once more to the parchment on the table as Sirius was now picking up his giggling daughter. "Wants to speak to us about something or the other...you read it and see what you get of it."

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April 11th, 2010

01:17 am: An Update from Hogwarts
Sitting in the dan, a sketchpad in her lap, a charcoal pencil busy at work in her hand, Dorcus sat before the fire working on a sketch that had come to mind earlier in the day. She had thought it would be nice to have one of little Emma Black, and truth be told, Dorcus missed the infant and she knew how much they changed at this age from day to day.

Hearing the flutter of wings and the tapping on the glass, the witch glanced up and saw the Owl they'd given Nymphadora for a going to school gift. Dorcus squealed in delight as she got to her feet and raced to the window to let the creature inside. Our first Owl from Tonksy," she giggled, taking it from the owl and searching about for a treat fror the bird.

But just as Dorcus was giving the treat to the owl, Sirus came up behind her and snatched the missive right from her hands. "Hey!" the witch objected, quickly turning about after the owl quickly ate its treat and flew out the window, Dorcus shutting it to the cool fall night.

"You know, that did have my name on it too," she protested, the kids already in bed, so it was just her and Sirius enjoying a few quiet minutes downstairs before bed.

Walking to where Sirius was back in his chair, parchment open and already reading that Dorcus now leaned over his shoulder trying to read but couldn't,she didn't have her glasses. "What does she say?" she anxiously asked. "What? Is she alright? How does she like school? Does she need anything? What? She is a Gryffindor, right?"

"Oh, and why hasn't she written us before now?"

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March 11th, 2010

12:18 am: An Artist in the Making
It was a lovely August day, and Dorcus Meadows was taking full advantage of the great weather and Byron spending he day at the zoo with his grandmother. Plus it didn't hurt either, that Sirius was napping in the hammock they'd brought from Greece, and Anabel was down for a nap--hopefully a very long one since she'd been playing outside in the backyard nearly all morning.

Sitting down before her lump of clay, Dorcus relished in getting her hands good and dirty in the soft, squishy material. She'd had an idea blooming in her head for the last two days and just hadn't had the chance to get some alone time in her studio.

Busy at work, losing all track of time, Dorcus Meadows found the front of her tank top splattered in droplets of clay for it was just too warm to be wearing an old shirt over her clothes that day. Barefoot, in cut off shorts, the witch was very much the picture of a bohemian at play as she worked the clay into a form that only she could envision.

With head down, the witch didn't notice the Owl sweeping into the shed till it was near upon her. Scaring her for a second, she sighed when it dropped the envelope to her hands and sat patiently waiting for a treat.

Wiping her hands, Dorcus looked about and only managed to find a handful of Ana's fruit rings, then tossed it to the owl who gave a bit of a ruffled look, but took the offered treat anyway. Already opening the envelope before the bird was even in flight, Dorcus read the makeshift contract from Constantine, a contract that was binding and was actually a bill of sale for one of her works of art.

Before the witch realized it, a monetary draft had fallen from the missive only to land on the floor. Picking it up, the witch just stared with wide eyes at the figured upon the cheque. Finally, all Dorcus could do was yell excitedly at the top of her lungs and jump up and down before just about skipping from the shed in her excitement.

Dorcus however, did not notice that her shouts of joy, had been interpreted in another manner as Sirius had fallen directly out of the hammock and was rolling swiftly to his feet, wand drawn.

"Sirius!! Look! Look! My first sale!!! Sorta!!!"

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December 15th, 2009

11:19 pm: It's Such a Small World--Or Is It?
Shifting Ana in her arms once more, the infant was tired and cranky and would not stop squirming and crying as they walked just behind Cinderella's castle. Sirius had pushed the little girl in the stroller to no avail, the witch had thought maybe Ana hungry but she had refused to eat. Her nappy was new. So that left only one thing, Anabele was tired.

Dorcus gave Sirius, Byron on his shoulders, a pleading look. "It's hot and sticky out and she's tired...hells, I'm tired, let's find some place cool where we can sit down," she suggested as he shoved about the empty stroller.

Spotting a brigade of strollers up ahead and to the right, Dorcus pointed. "Let's try in there, it's like a herd of strollers, that must mean something," she fixed Ana's sun hat while the infant still fussed. "You, little girl, are a fuss pot suddenly," she chided the infant, kissing her chubby pink cheek.

Looking to the sign above, she shrugged along with Sirius. "Its a Small World...how bad could it be, aye?" They entered into a mass of people being lead down ramps. "Cool atleast," the witch sighed happily, freeing a hand so she could wiggle her halter top enough to get a cool breeze down her chest.

In the distance, music could be heard, Ana perked up, listening, the fussing a bit less, atleast she wasn't shattering anyone's ear-drums now. "Oh look By-By...little puppet people," she pointed to a few smiling little cherubic faced dolls along the far wall.

"Smells like water," she murmured, they'd yet got a good view of what exactly they were in line for at the moment.

"Oats...oats...Mummy!"Byron suddenly exclaimed, for he had the best view of them from still atop his father's shoulders. "Me likes oats," he nodded, his feet wiggling so much he was thumping his father in the chest. "Where you thinks we goes?"

"No idea, baby. I'm sure it's not far, just maybe around the park and back again," she playfully smiled, knowing it surely had to be a real short ride with how quickly the line was moving.

"Thank Merlin some place to sit down," Dorcus groaned, her sandled feet were tired and sweaty too when she finally got first sight of these tiny little boats in just foot deep water that rode on a rail. "...and no massive waves..." she added to herself. After that little incident on the submarine ride earlier in the day, the witch really didn't wish to be seasick twice within a few hours. She just thanked goodness that this ride didn't go underwater and wibble as if in waves like the other one did. Or did it?

Dorcus Meadows suddenly looked a bit apprehensive.

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December 14th, 2009

01:32 am: A Little Pool Relaxation (Day Two at the Happiest Place on Earth)
After a rather harried morning of attempting to chase down the ever elusive Donald Duck himself, Byron full in the lead on this quest, in this gruelling heat, Sirius finally reached his heat exhausted limit, declaring the day done and it time to go back to the cabin and then hit the pool.

Dorcus, a water loving witch at heart, could not pass up a bit of sun worship in the least so was all on that idea as they changed into their swimming costumes and walked the short distance to the pool.

"That's nice By...very nice," she smiled, glancing up at her little boy, tilting the shades on her nose up breifly to see his antics. "Just try not to splash Anabel, she's not used to the water as much as..." and before the witch could sit up, Anabel, in her father's safe arms, began flailing her hands and making as massive a splash around them as she could. The blonde haired infant giggling in her new fun, as Sirius squinted through the water, and Byron moved a bit farther away to safety.

"Muuuummm...tell Ana to stop that," Byron whined, wiping water from his face.

"Ana...splash your daddy instead," the witch grinned evilly, turning about on her towel-covered lounge chair and laying down on her belly so she had a view of the pool.

Reaching about, the with unfastened the bikini top and sighed contently as she mumble."I hate tan lines..." as she glanced over to Byron.

"Just stay away from Ana...but don't you go to the deep end...play down here.." the mother insisted. "But just think, when she gets bigger, you can splash her all you want--payback and all that," she winked to her son.

With her head now tilted to the side, the witch settled in for a nice cozy session of sunbathing. She even seemingly napped to her son's constant whines to his father of when's mummy coming in.

Content and relaxed, Dorcus cat-napped, the sound of the water soothing, the shouting of kids playing calming....the witch was in nirvana. "Mummmmy... come swims wit us...pleeeeaaaseee...."

Dorcus tried to ignore it, turning her head to the opposite side.

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01:06 am: Wilderness Cabin or Nature's Nudists (Laer that Evening)
Dor, laden with Anabel in one arm, baby bag over the opposite shoulder, and a balloon in one hand, a Donald Duck stuffed animal in the other after Byron tired of carrying it just an hour after purchase, the witch found the front door to their cabin nearly slammed in her face. "Bloody hell, Sirius..." the witch snapped, being in the aftermath of her harried lover who had rushed inside.

Finally making it inside, red-faced and tired, Dorcus let the balloon fly, the duck hit the floor, and Anabel to her playpen in the corner of the small cabin's den. Fanning herself, tugging on her shirt and hoping to get cool now, the witch at first did not notice where Sirius had disappeared to, only finding Byron, tossed to the ugly plaid sofa, where he lay lifelessly on his belly comatose.

Dorcus leaned over, dropped the baby bag beside the play pen, and then realized the line of disgarded clothing her wizard had dropped to the floor in his haste. She followed the trail to the back bedroom and was greated with quite the sight.

"So...hot, are we?" the witch grinned, leaning against the doorframe, having found her wizard standing before the cooling unit, drapes wide open, arms extended, as he stood nearly nude before the welcoming air.

She marveled at the eased look now on his face, and how he stood there in only his boxers and socks, drinking in the cool air. "Don't just stand there blocking all the air...shove over," the witch insisted.

Walking with a purpose, Dorcus unbuttoned her shirt a bit more, revealing the lacey bra she wore underneath. "I'm shocked you're still in your..." his had was at the waistband of his boxers as she spoke. "...nevermind..." she sighed, loving being cooled down once more.

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December 13th, 2009

11:31 pm: The Happiest Place On Earth (Late July)
Standing at the entrance to the Magic Kingdom, Main Street to be exact, Dorcus, Anabel snugly secured in her baby sling across the witch's chest, Byron in his father's arms--the family stood at the midst of this grand, great adventure. And Adventure they'd heard about during their Muggle television viewings on Sunday evenings.

Having just arrived, the witch's eyes lit up as she surveyed the mass of people and the loud noises, the cute music and the plethora of balloons being held by one single man just a bit down the road.

"How does he do that and manage to stay on the ground?" Dorcus mused, asking her wizard who was having a difficult time of keeping Byron under control since the little boy was wiggling and squiggling like mad to be let down and to roam free in this great place.

Dorcus shrugged. "So, wizard with the map...what do we do first?" she asked, glancing down to Anabel and grinning as the infant blinked wide, blue eyes at her as even she was engrossed with her new amazing surroundings.

But before the wizard had a chance to reply, something bright had caught the witch's attention and she was off in the direction of the nearest store on this horse-drawn, trolley filled road. "Ooooo...." she gasped, nose nearly pressed to the glass of the front window of the candy shoppe. Anabel gurgling and giggling her own delight as the baby smacked the window in agreement.

Dorcus didn't even hear her name being bellowed from the town square by a very disgruntled wizard, for right about then, the train's whistle blew.

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December 10th, 2009

01:34 am: Bibbity Bobbity Boo
Dorcus rushed about the kitchen, finishing up with putting the popcorn into the large bowl and then running it out into the den where Byron and Sirius sat on the sofa, Anabel happily in her father's arms.

"Mummy you late agains!" Byron shouted, as per the normal Sunday night family viewing hour where the witch was always the last one to the sofa.

"I know, I know," she replied, now grabbing their drinks and rushing back into the den, shimmying up to Sirius' side after she placed the items to the coffee table.

Getting her fist look at the television, the witch then realized the show hadn't even started. "What? I'm not actually late?" she looked up to Sirius, then gave her son a raised brow as he giggled.

"Me didn't want you to miss da mobie, Mummy," he stated most sweetly.

Dorcus ruffled his hair and got comfortable, her first true break of the day, finally.

Then the show started, and Wonderful World of Disney played its familar theme, but tonight, instead of right to the movie, they were showing Disneyworld and all its fun sights and sounds.

Byron clapped happily and hopped on his bum on the sofa. "Me wants, me wants," he chanted, like every other time he got to see either of the amusement parks. "Looks, Mummy...fying Dubos!" he shouted excitedly, looking around his father and Anabel to his mother on the other side of Sirius.

He then looked up to Sirius with a very serious expression on the little boy's face. "Yous like Dubo too, don't you Daddy? Member Mummy cried and cries when we watch da movie..."

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October 27th, 2009

12:21 am: Rather Unusual Gifts on a Lazy Day
Dorcus had finally flopped to the sofa and tucked her legs beneath her, settling in for a good long sit, Anabel in her basket on the floor beside her, belly full, and sound asleep.

The witch picked up her glasses, slipped them on and then opened up the large book about the mythologies through the ages, as Byron lay on his belly in the floor,playing with his blocks, Sparks lazily napping at the foot of Sirius' chair.

And Sirius, having an odd day off, was slouched back in his favorite chair, napping himself, snoring obliviously when his head tilted the wrong way in his sleep. Dorcus just smirked and shook her head.

It was a nice, lazy day in the cottage, something most rare and seemingly, all under its roof were most content.

Having settled in and intently reading, the witch ignored the buzzer at the front door, she actually didnt hear it at first. But then it became insistant, and Dorcus glanced up over the rim of her glasses and scowled in the direction of the door.

"Mummy!" Byron exclaimed excitedly. "Someon, at da door."

Dorcus nodded. " I know, baby...just ignore them, maybe they'll go away," she offered, going back to her book, her son giving her a puzzling look, and the buzzer continued once more.

"Sirius...would you go get the door?" she asked, as he stirred, drifting slowly up from his nap, but just barely as he tilted his head the opposite direction and started to snore softly once again.

"Muummmmy!" Byron whined, and Sparks began to bark.

"Shhhh...you'll wake your father..." the witch intoned, hoping indeed it would wake Sirius for she really didn't want to leave the sofa. "Sirius? You expecting anybody?" she then asked curiously, wondering who the persistant visitor was, because if it had been one of their friends, the bellowing from the doorstep would have started five minutes ago.

Sirius just managed to cracak one eye open a slit, and even in that little gesture, she could see the cutting glare she was receiving.

"Don't give me that look, Sirius Black, I'm not the one ringing the bloody buzzer...."

August 13th, 2009

01:20 am: Art Stinks (Early December)
It was a blustery cold December day, in fact,it looked like snow. Dorcus had taken the free time-Byron napping while Regulus was inside reading, to try once again to go back out to the shed and her little studio.

She was still staring at the lump of clay before her. Pretty much how she'd been the last hour. Four failed pitiful attempts had only rendered it an even bigger glob upon the wheel.

Every turn she took, nothing was happening. She'd sat down with a sketch pad just the other night and nothing, absolutely nothing had been done.

Dorcus couldn't explain it, but the last couple weeks she'd felt utterly tapped out and dark when it came to her art cravings. The first time she'd come out to the shed after Mum and Dad Potters' death, she'd done nothing but cry. Now,she didn't even do that, but only ended up aggitated and grumpy at this lack of focus and ideas.

Annoyed, the witch growled at the lump of clay. "You stupid thing..." she grumbled for lately this one thing she loved so much was becoming the enemy, her lack of artistic vision getting the better of the witch.

She'd not even been able to finish the nursery. And truth be told, she wondered if she ever would.

In a bout of anger, Dorcus snatched a glob of clay from the wheel and threw it across the shed. It landed with a sickening thud against the doorframe just as it opened and Sirius walked inside.

Dorcus flopped her elbows to the wheel and propped her chin in her hands and pouted, managing to get clay on her cheek in the process.

"Sorry," she apologized to her lover, who was now looking to the wall beside him.

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